CiviCure’s Vision
Why does our mission matter? What happens when we achieve our mission?

Enrichment of the greater Hoosick community by stimulating the creative economy, supporting the preservation and enhancement of the farm economy, and protecting and promoting the beauty of the natural environment while making regional and national audiences aware of the extraordinary resources of the Hoosick area as a destination for visitors. A Hoosick center for the arts and heritage, named for the community's most widely-recognized resident and artist, Grandma Moses, is envisioned as a critical element in accomplishing these goals.

Civicure envisions the arts as a catalyst for community revitalization. The advancement of the arts, increased tourism and community participation, and regional economic redevelopment are inextricably linked. The arts are an important factor in the creation and bestowal of community identity. A strong identity rallies confidence, hope, productivity, pride and economic vibrancy.

People, Places and Events That Enrich Hoosick and Inspire CiviCure’s Work

The Arts

The Hoosick area has long been home to preeminent figures in the arts including folk painter Grandma Moses, dancer Harriet Hoctor and contemporary artist Jenny Holzer.

Grandma Moses: Hoosick Hills. Copyright© 1956
(renewed 1984) Grandma Moses Properties, Co., Inc. New York.


Many excellent examples of Victorian architecture from the later 1800s, including an octagonal house and an outstanding armory, survive in Hoosick.

Hoosick heritage includes extraordinary people and events. It was the site of a key battle during the American Revolution, President Chester A. Arthur called it home at one time, and award-winning mowers and reapers from it's Wood Manufactory were sold to clients around the world.

The town of Hoosick has remarkable riches in its farmland, forests and the refreshing waters of the Hoosick River.